All prices are subject to change without prior written or oral notice. All orders are invoiced at prices in effect at the time of shipment.

In the unlikely event that a backorder situation occurs your order will be taken and processed as normal and you will be contacted when your order is available.

All orders will be sent via a courier using their standard delivery service under their terms and conditions (Note: Couriers used may vary). Upon despatch the courier used, number of packages and their consignment tracking number will be emailed to you enabling you to track your consignment, whereupon Motronix liability for your consignment ceases - at the point of sale insurance can be purchased. Motronix shall accept no liability for any consignment lost or incorrectly / partially delivered by the courier.  Shipping to countries outside the UK will be subject to an additional charge, which may vary depending on the delivery address and size of consignment.

All goods manufactured by Motronix are guaranteed against defective materials or workmanship for 12 months from the date of despatch from our site. Any goods that develop a fault as a result of defective materials or workmanship should be returned to Motronix via the proper process. Goods will then be repaired or replaced at Motronix discretion. Batteries are not covered under this warranty.

No returns of any goods will be accepted without a valid returns number which must be obtained from Motronix prior to return of any goods. Any goods received without a valid returns number will be returned to sender at the senders expense.  Any damaged goods must be returned to Motronix within 28 days of despatch in order to qualify for a refund/replace. Any goods returned damaged that are found to be in good working order or damaged / defective through misuse will be returned at the senders expense and no refunds will be given.

All products manufactured and distributed by Motronix are designed to be installed by a competent person and used with standard machines in accordance with relevant manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. Motronix accepts no liability for any damage to property or injury as a result of, either directly or indirectly, through the use of our products.
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