Trailer Kart Enduro Motorcross Trials Security Alarm

Motronix Nano

To help protect valuable items and equipment against theft, Motronix has designed a miniature
motion alert device.  The Motronix Nano detects motion and notifies the user via SMS text
message when the item or equipment has moved.

The Motronix Nano is an all-in-one portable security motion alert device that can be easily
configured with any mobile phone and operational within minutes.  Its versatility enables the user
to easily transfer it between workshop equipment, motorcycles, vehicles, trailers and much

Key Features

• Easily configurable with different mobile phones
• Motion alert
• 21 day working battery life
• Low battery alert
• Rechargable battery (Battery Charger supplied)
• 12 months warranty
• To use this product, a rolling 5 a month contract or PAYG credit is required

Recommended Motronix Nano Applications

• ATV, Enduro Bikes, Motocross Bikes, Quad Bikes, Race Bikes, Race Karts, Trials Bikes.
• Campers, Trailers, Vans.
• Workshop Equipment, Workshop Tools, Workshop/ Building Doors and Entry Points.
Kart Motocross Secuirty Motion Alert Alarm
Enduro Motocross Secuirty Motion Alert Alarm
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Motronix Nano - Enduro, Kart, Motocross, Off Road and Trials Security Alarm

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