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How can I pay for products?
A buyer can purchase products by selecting the 'Buy Now' button.  The buyer can either sign into PayPal and pay, or sign in as a guest and pay
using a Debit or Credit Card.

Who builds your products?
All of our products are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested by Motronix in the UK, to provide the user with a high quality product. 

Are your products waterproof?
Our products are built and tested to IP65 standard.  This standard, protects from total dust ingress, and water spray from any direction, but not
fully submerged in water.

Does the Nano and GPS Tracker work in countries other than the UK?
Yes both the Nano and GPS Tracker will work in other countries, however the SIM card is targeted at the UK market.  If the Nano and GPS
Tracker are used outside the UK, the user will incur high usage and data charges.  Please contact the sales team on the Contacts page for
further details on international usage.

Are customers required to insert a SIM card into the Nano and Tracker products after purchasing?
No, both the Nano and GPS Tracker products come with a SIM cards pre-installed, and customers are only required to register this SIM card
after purchasing.

Can customers select a different phone network to run the Nano on?
We usually use one network, as this has good network coverage and support.  However if customers are based in a remote part of the UK, we
can us a different network provider.  For further details please contact the sales team on the Contacts page.

How long does network registration of a new SIM card usually take?
In most instances a new SIM registration will usually take between 30 minutes to 1 hour.