Jetspeed Rotax Max Winter Testing 2011

During a test day in January, at Clay Pigeon Raceway (UK), Motronix took advantage of an abnormally high
barometric pressure and cold conditions to further confirm the ability of their Jetspeed Senior Max to work even
in extreme conditions. The unusual situation was that a high, and rapidly changing, barometric pressure of
1042mb coupled with a low temperature of 2C caused many competitors to find there existing jet measurement
procedures failed. Test driver Dan Bushell started the day by switching on the Jetspeed Senior Max to read the
unusual recommended jet setting of 168. Even though he disputed this he fitted it to his VHSB 34 Dellorto
carburettor and proceeded with the first test session. At this point other competitors using different jet setting
systems (altitude adjustments, weather station software etc) found their systems under performing, with
suggested jet sizes even as low as 155. Dan went onto out perform the other competitors throughout the day.
The conclusion was that Dan Bushell was able to set the fastest times all day. As pressure, temperature and
humidity readings changed he was able to adjust jet sizes and went on to maintain fast lap times. This proves
that using calibrated instruments to measure conditions local to the circuit enables drivers to set exactly the
correct jet sizes even though these vary considerable throughout a day.

New Jetspeed Rotax Max released for 2010

Motronix has just released a new version of the Jetspeed Rotax Senior Max jetting instrument. This new version
has updated firmware to enable extended battery life and a more stable jet reading in extreme climates. For
more information on this product contact the sales team via the contact page. International dealer enquires

First year success for Jetspeed Max Rotax Jetting

2009 has been a successful year for the release of the Jetspeed Rotax Max range of jetting instruments. The
Senior Rotax Max version of this instrument has aided the test driver Jacques Jensen in winning a large number
of races during 2009. Jacques also gained the Shennington and Dunkerswell kart club championships.

TWOS UP at 2009 southern championships

Motronix carburettor solutions helped Senior Rotax driver Jacques Jensen, and Senior TKM driver Dan
Bushell clinch the Southern Championships.

Senior JetSpeed Rotax Max Success

Senior test driver Jacques Jensen has had excellent success with the newly released JetSpeed Rotax Max.
Using this device in the senior Rotax class has helped him win his last 11 race meetings at a variety of circuits
including, Dunkerswell, Forest Edge, Rissington and Shennington.

JetSpeed Rotax Max in New Zealand

Congratulations to KiwiKart, the Motronix New Zealand agent, for having a successful first year using the
Jetspeed Max range of jetting products and success at the Nationals Rotax Max Challenge 2011.

For more informationn on purchasing Jetspeed Max products in New Zealand, contact

Prospeed Finland achieves good results using Jetspeed Rotax Max in 2012

Congratulations to Prospeed Finland for their good results in the Finnish RMC series.  In 2012 they were able to
win Rotax Junior Max, and gain second place in Rotax Senior Max using Motronix Jetspeed jetting products. 
These excellent results then qualified them to compete in the RMC world finals in Portugal.

For more information about purchasing Jetspeed products in Finland contact  

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Nano Mobile Security Alarm Released for 2017

To help protect valuable items and equipment against theft, Motronix has designed a miniature motion alert
device.  The Motronix Nano detects motion and notifies the user via SMS text message when the item or
equipment has moved.

The Motronix Nano is an all-in-one portable security motion alert device that can be easily configured with any
mobile phone and operational within minutes.  Its versatility enables the user to easily transfer it between
workshop equipment, motorcycles, vehicles, trailers and much more.